Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the season premiere of season 7 ("Standing in the Dark"), after snowboarding with Peter and Manny, Darcy and Peter begin making out. However when Peter attempts to push Darcy to the next level, she stops him, reminding him of her abstinence promise. After an argument, the two separate at the party, leaving Darcy to drink. At one point, she leaves her drink unsupervised, and unbeknownst to her, a stranger spikes her drink with roofies. After passing out when attempting to reconcile with Peter, Darcy is shown being led into a bedroom with an unknown person.[1] The next morning, Darcy awakes to find herself in bed with Peter. Although Darcy insists that she remembers having sex the previous night with whom she assumes to be Peter, Peter denies it.[2] Back at Degrassi, after the news gets out about Darcy and Peter, Darcy is forced to surrender her abstinence ring to the Friendship Club. Peter eventually learns that there had been a roofie-user at the snowboarding party the two had attended, and suggests to Darcy that perhaps she had been drugged and raped by the user—an idea that Darcy refuses to accept. After being informed by a doctor that she has chlamydia, Darcy admits to Manny that although she doesn't remember having sex with Peter, she remembers having sex with someone, although she wasn't sure who. Later, during a Spirit Squad practice, Manny notices Darcy's absence and goes off to find her. She finds Darcy under a running shower, fully clothed, having slit her wrists in a suicide attempt. Darcy is rushed to the hospital, where Manny is questioned by Darcy's mother as to the supposed cause of Darcy's actions. Manny denies knowing anything as she knows that rape victims need to heal on their own, and that they can tell their loved ones when they are ready.

When Darcy returns to school, she is told to receive counseling three times a week by Ms. Sauve. Although she doesn't talk about the incident with the counselor, Darcy's counseling is reduced to once a week. However, the sentence is short-lived when Darcy shows poor behavior in class and her counseling sessions are increased once again. Eventually, Darcy reveals to Mr. Simpson that she was raped, and Mr. Simpson offers his support. After breaking up with Peter, Darcy starts flirting with Mr. Simpson.[3] Mr. Simpson confronts Darcy about this and Darcy goes insane and grabs a pair of scissors, wanting to talk. When Mr. Simpson asks her to give him the scissors, Darcy cuts off a chunk of her hair and runs. Mr. Simpson asks to see Darcy in the Media Immersion room where Mr. Simpson, Ms. Hatzilakos, and her mom are waiting. Darcy, feeling betrayed, lies and tells her mother and Ms. Hatzilakos that Mr. Simpson has been the one who is touching her and is treating her like a "teacher's pet". Until the situation is investigated, Mr. Simpson is told to leave Degrassi. Manny learns that Darcy's claims are false and when she goes to confront her, she finds Darcy on the roof of the school with Johnny DiMarco. After Darcy's actions suggest that she's going to jump off the roof, Manny stops her and tells her that she must confess to the rape. As a result, Darcy apologizes to Mr. Simpson for her lies but he says he can't fully forgive her because the effects of the accusations are too damaging.

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