Monday, February 28, 2011

From Knowledge to Knowledge-able !

REFLECTION: While reading Wesch "Producers and Consumers: Teens in Digital Age" I connected to it a lot. Attending Providence Public Schools we did a lot of group work. Group work in classes not only help enhance the learning of us students, but it also helped us interact with one another.
Being able to do group work breaks down the assignment and honestly helped me. I feel as though a lot of students benefit from it. Being in college, I would assume we would have more group assignments, group work etc. My Women Studies class is the only class in which I`m able to do so. Most of my classes are , listen to the teacher, look at the teacher - take notes ! - Same routine !
Group work enables students to move more readily from receiving knowledge to generating knowledge. Through talk students are able to personalize this knowledge & their thinking processes and understandings. Why don't all teachers take this into consideration ? Do students really benefit from this ?
"Managing a learning environment such as this poses its own unique challenges, but there is one simple technique, which makes everything else fall into place: love and respect your students and they will love and respect you back. With the underlying feeling of trust and respect this provides, students quickly realize the importance of their role as co-creators of the learning environment and they begin to take responsibility for their own education. "- I Agree very much, being able to feel good about what your learning and the person teaching makes the learning environment better.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Who are these Teenagers?

When you think about adolescents you think about maturingm growing up  . . and lots not forget the changes that come with it.When I began to read the conversations of A tangle of discourses: Girls Negotiating Adolescents (at the bottom) I noticed that Jan says that our generation is rude, that we make our own decisions and do our own thing. I do agree with her but I also disagree.
I agree with Jan and her comment she made about the children of this generation and how we act. I understand that some children decided to make there own decisions, and go with whatever floats there boat.  Some kids say one thing and want it that way & some honestly don't care what you say & I understand Jan for that.
I disagree with Jan more than I agree with her. Saying that the children of our generation are rude, and how all teenagers are self-centered is wrong. The right word to use would be "some children/kids." I strongly believe it is the way you are raised is what shows.

Being raised by my parents it was all about respect. When my mom or dad called me or my siblings names it was "Yes Mom?" or "Yes Dad?" - nothing else ! We were taught how to respect one another also. Jan compares kids and then she doesn't , so she sort of confused me as I began to read on. There were some comments I agreed on and there was some that I didn't but overall I understood were she was coming from. I'm not saying if you were brought up in a certain kind of way that you would be self-centered or rude, - because you can be. I just believe that you can say everyone is the same, because no one is !

Throughout my adolescent years, I have grown to appreciate my family more and more. Everybody's raised different ways and I commend my parents for doing such a great job !!! Parents don't need to stop doing things like letting there child go out, watch tv, browse the internet etc - doing that will only make the matter worst. Instead be there for your children, let them know wrong from right before hand - help them understand - because your help it'll be better than expected.

Media & Ideology

On page 150 of the Media & Ideology it gives the definition of Ideology and begins to tells us (the readers) about the different implications that it gives. I feel as though  Ideology gives a different look to a lot of stuff in general. After reading I began to understand that ideology is basically a set of ideas that come from  goals, expectations, and maybe even actions & they way of looking at things.

When growing up I was big on the "Disney Princess" movies. Obviously I was young and I didnt really understand what the stories/ movies were about. The only thing i really grasped was that "beautiful girls fell in love with beautiful men, had beautiful kids and lived a beautiful life." - -  As I grew up I began to see what I have never saw before.  

One day I was watching The Little Mermaid with my younger brother, and I finally got it! I saw and understood exactly what I never saw. Basically what the movie was stating was that it is okay to abandon your family, change your body, and etc JUST FOR A a man.  - That's NOT what I saw when I was younger & I know that's not what a lot of younger children see either watching these Disney movies (not that it's only Disney movies).

After reading Media & Ideology I began to surf the net and came across a really interesting article called The Future of American Power which was a little similar to what the other article discussed about.