Monday, May 2, 2011

Gleeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

So I guess during my whole surgery process I missed this Glee Entry.
But I`m here & ready to speakkkkkk on it ! - READY. SET. Gooo ! Lol

So I actually have watched the "Never Been Kissed" episode & it was my first actual Glee episode that I watched. Mind you, I'm not such a Glee fan ( not being the fact that I auditioned for the show & never got it . . "tear" Lol) but the show didnt strike me in general to keep watching.
But anywhoooo I watched the episode again to note some stuff down and better comprhened it with this talking point, and once again the episode didnt come off as striking to me, I didnt really realize so much of the SCWAMP. I mean there were little things that I put together ( such as straightness, gay & lets not forget about the characters being mostly black ) but with others. It was so set forward for me.

I'm not against the show or nothing. But the episode was interesting. I say it was surprising, not because Kurt's bully turned out to be gay, but because he turned his yelling and threats into a kiss. It was a likely choice to have the person bullying Kurt the most aggressively to be doing so because of his own issues of sexuality. What wasn't expected was the path it all took in this episode, and it was not an easy path.

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  1. This show threw a whole bunch of stereotypes out there but they fail to address all of them. the Glee instructed is hated by a lot of viewers because of this but I think the authors accurated portrayed how a real life person in his position would have handled these situations.