Monday, May 2, 2011

When a Good Girl Can Be Bad !!!

So apparently I`ve behind on a few readings & it's about time to catch up. With this crazy schedule & long hours at work , I've FINALLY found the time to sit here & catch up on my blog entries.!!

After reading "Being a Good girl can be bad." I then realized that I don't think I understood how much of a good girl I was until I grew up (now). I was always the loud girl, the expressive girl. I had no problem telling everybody how I felt all the time, probably too often. I think it was more that I noticed around me that my friends very often could not express themselves when they were unhappy. I had so many confrontations in my youth with girls that became disasters because nobody had the skills to express difficult emotions and have a difficult conversation. Now, when it comes to conversation - this whole "Being a Good Girl can be bad" came in place , with trying to find yourself & understanding the way of life (as to Alice).
However, these women also score high on traditionally feminine traits such as sociable, compassionate, understanding, and eager to work with others. Did you notice in the movie that: All positions of power are actually held by women in the movie! The mother heads Alice's home and the Fiance's mother seems to rule in his house. Whereas, in the second realm, both the good and the bad kingdoms are ruled by.... queens! Men only play secondary roles.

Now back to sexs & defining I truly believe that theres so much you can talk about with this "Talking Point" that is given to us.
But to keep myself from drifting off to different things ( which I always tend to do. Habit , i assume LOL :X ) The use of “sex” in the media may be most notable in advertisers’ placement of provocative, sexy women in ads in order to sell their products. These images can have adverse effects on both men and women. For example, consider the Trojan ad where the girl with big boobs has a condom sticking out of her bra. First of all, only her boobs are shown in the ad which hiddenly says something negative about the message being sent to guys about what’s important about a girl. Second, the more overt message is clear: Use Trojan condoms and you’ll sleep with big-breasted girls. This is a terrible message to be sent because it’s promoting the physical attractiveness of a woman as her only purpose

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